Get Up, Get Going, Show Up

This past Wednesday our local farmers market opened for the last and only day in November to give producers one more day to sell, and customers a last grab at some fresh goods before Thanksgiving. As luck would have it, the latest polar vortex gave us a clear morning with a balmy temp of 17 degrees F.  And though I was feeling thankful not to be buried under a mountain of snow like our friends to the north, I was having doubts the night before whether or not I would venture out in the cold the following morning. Continue reading

Let There Be Light(ness In My Wallet)

After another late night of playing music for the drinkers and dancers of the Dinwiddie Moose Lodge I find myself waking at first light with the urge to make something out of the day.  The afore mentioned entertained will not likely see todays light before it is half gone, and I would like to take at least partial credit for inspiring their over indulgence, but my days of weekend hangovers are behind me by more than just a few harvests.  So this fine Saturday morning I find myself at the hardware store to gather supplies for the next big project: fencing in the garden, properly this time (more on this project later).  Then I remember that a couple of the outdoor floodlights are dead so I head over to the WALL OF BULBS. Holy crap. Continue reading

Bag O Worms

worm binI will not forget to check my worms.  I will not forget to check my worms.  I will not forget to check my worms.  I will …. well you get the point.  Last year I had my worm bins in an out of sight, out of mind location and they became dead, not red, wigglers.  And although the indoor worm bins are really unnecessary due to the four large compost bins I constructed last year, I just love watching the little buggers work their magic. Continue reading

Christmas Made In…..Not China

Standing on a soapbox spouting my political and religious beliefs is not something that will be happening on this blog.  So relax.  I don’t think that this quite falls into those categories anyway, but I just have to say something about MADE IN CHINA.  My personal goal this Christmas was to purchase all my gifts from someone other than MADE IN CHINA.  It has been tough.  For some items on my list is was impossible.  Several stores I shopped (big box and franchise) were 99% Chinese made goods.  I suppose I could have scoured the net for certain things and found a manufacturer other than China, maybe, if I had started sooner.  Never the less, ninety percent of the list is crossed off and I am 100% Chinese free.  This in no way implies that this Christmas is MADE IN USA, because lets face it (hard to type when you’re laughing your ass off), that wasn’t happening.  Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t want to punish the Chinese, I just want to support my own country and local economy.  OK, before I get into a rant let me say this; Be merry, be kind, buy local, and if you can’t find it local or (your country here) made, buy it from anybody else other than China.  After that, if you still can’t find it, buy it from China (those guys make everything).